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ชีสเชค ขนาด 90 กรัม

Cheese Shake 90 gram

Thin biscuit cheese favor

ชีสเชค บรรจุปี๊บ ขนาด 5.5 กิโลกรัม

Cheese Shake Tin Package 5.5 kilogram

Thin biscuit cheese favor


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Welcom to Jangchareon

I grow the company. Candy manufacturer with a long history of 50 years. A wide range of products such as candy, fruit flavor Ticketmaster. Candy wafers, biscuits and Original of Cheese Shake Product under the. "I Sing" and "double" the company has a long history to it. The candy company is based on the principles of quality. Clean, safe and focused attention to all. Process. From the selection of raw material quality. To hygienic storage. Before forwarding to the. Consumers until now, our products have become popular among Many consumers. And products that are most popular right now is. Bread, cheese shake, our company is good. With experience. But we still did not stop to investigate. And learn to edit. To the development of our company. Production even further. In response to a consumers. Fully later in the future.


We provide a signal to the standards of production. Quality and safety of the lung. We love it. It has a focus on technology. There is also a selection of advanced tools. The machine. And production systems. In order to achieve the goal. More perfectly.